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For patients who require denture or partial denture services there is another practitioner option to explore—visit a denturist!  A denturist is an independent practitioner who fabricates complete dentures, single dentures, partial dentures, relines, rebases, repairs, and adjusts dentures directly for people requiring these services.  This provides several advantages including the following:  First, the denturist performs all phases of denture construction, from impression-taking to lab processing, entirely in his office, so a complete understanding of the oral and technical aspects of denture construction is maintained.  Second, low cost.  Because a denturist performs all lab work himself, this saves the added cost of a dental lab, the savings are passed on to the patient, and patient individuality is retained.

A denturist is a well-trained health professional, formally educated in his field and able to provide a quality prosthesis to those requiring this service.

If you are in need of denture services, try a denturist – an alternative choice!

Heritage Denture Centre

— Giving Patients Something To Smile About —

Marc Wagensell

The difference is fit, function, lifespan and biocompatibility. Biocompatibility is the health compatibility of your dentures to your body.

“Not all dentures are created equal,” says Wagenseil. No matter where a patient gets their dentures, they should know what they are getting for their money, the expectations of the product and the impact the dentures can have on your health, he says.

“Even in today’s age, you get what you pay for and it’s important to know what you’re paying for,” says Wagenseil, who carefully explains to patients the differences in quality.

“Patients can then make an educated and informed decision to what is best for them instead of it being dictated to them ,” he says.

Education is very important for Wagenseil, a graduate of the Denturist program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

“You must keep up with progress,” he says.

In fact, Wagenseil is also a Registered Dental Technician in Alberta and therefore has two licenses.

This is why he understands so well the difference between having dentures made by a denturist, versus other dental professionals.

To maintain a denturist license in Alberta, Wagenseil is required to complete 100 hours of continuing education within every five year period. In the last three years alone, he has invested more than 200 hours, far exceeding the requirements. He also has received training by and acts as a consultant for several German dental product manufacturing companies, and often teaches seminars to colleagues in the dental industry.

Wagenseil has taught across Canada, England, in Australia, and at the world’s largest dental show in Germany!

“Educating myself , combined with teaching continually allows me to better serve my patients,” he says.

Combining advancements in technology with 20- years experience, Wagenseil can provide the best care and product to his patients.

Heritage Denture Centre is conveniently located upstairs next to the elevator in the Heritage Professional Building.

Contact Information

Marc Wagenseil

Heritage Denture Centre
Unit 207, 2841-109 Street NW
Edmonton AB
T6J 6B7


Interactive map:

Heritage Denture Centre is conveniently located in the Heritage Professional Building. “The building with the green roof” next to the Pentecostal Church. Parking is free.

At the Heritage Denture Centre, denturist Marc Wagenseil is giving patients something to smile about.

For the past fifteen years, Wagenseil has provided personalized, caring service to patients from his office in the Heritage

Professional Building, #207, 2841 109 St., Edmonton. He specializes in fabricating dentures – either single, upper and lower or partial dentures – creating personalized looks resulting in a comfortable fit and more natural appearance.

“All work is performed in house,” notes Wagenseil, who has 20-years experience in the field. While it is recommended that most dentures be replaced every five to seven years, many are not. Aging dentures can cause extra wrinkles around the mouth, resulting in the face having a sunken appearance. They can contribute to or aggravate health problems and even affect your personality. “I have patients who have been afraid to smile anymore because they are so conscious of their dentures. It is so satisfying to have a patient smile and be confident after fitting them with new dentures,” says Wagenseil.

Average denture materials wear down within a five to seven year period, although the resulting changes in the mouth are gradual and most people do not notice it soon enough.

Patients prefer the personal service provided by Heritage Denture Centre. While there are other dental professionals which can also fit a person for dentures, they do not manufacture them.

“They perform the in-the-mouth procedures, but the dentures are actually made by a dental technician at a dental laboratory who has never met you,” notes Wagenseil.

“It is very beneficial to be able to interact with the patient directly. When I’m working on the dentures I remember the person’s face and am able to personalize the dentures for them.”

“Treating the person, not the ailment,” is Wagenseil’s goal. A sign hangs in his office reminding him “Patients don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Patients of Heritage Denture Centre have shown their appreciation for Wagenseil’s efforts. A file folder is overflowing with letters and cards from happy patients giving testimony to his abilities.

“This note is to express my appreciation for all your careful and caring work. The end result far exceeds my expectations and reflects the highest standards of a true professional,” writes one satisfied patient.

“No one has ever had the patience and personality you have had while constructing my new dentures and making me feel important,” adds another.

Marc studies another product of his workmanship. His attention to detail and quality are important traits in his daily routine.

Says Wagenseil, “People appreciate it when they know you care and they are not just another number. It means so much to me when someone takes the time to write and let me know that I’m doing things correctly. It lets me know that I’m on the right track. My goal is to build lifelong relationships with my patients – not only to build them dentures!” As part of his personalized care, Wagenseil allows patients the opportunity to choose the quality of dentures they want. Denture quality ranges from average to premium, depending on the technique and materials used to fabricate them.